Gmail, Google Search to have better ads transparency and choice

Google Ads Manager

Google is all set to heighten transparency and choice regarding ads on Google Search and Gmail. According to the company, more information pertaining to the ads can be acquired shortly through the ‘Why these ads’ link located just next to the advertisements on the right side of the page.

By opting for the link, Internet users can gather information on why they are viewing a certain ad or even how it is personalized for their benefit. For example, if hungry vacationers on holiday in Hawaii wish to search for local restaurants, they would also be treated to eatery ads that are around the area as opposed to those present in their hometown. Even ads featured in recent and related entries punched in during a single browser session show up prominently onscreen.

As the official Google blog reports, the best ad results will be displayed after taking into account the geographic location and language used among other indications. Furthermore, the company will also include the Ads Preferences Manager which allows users to choose the ads they wish to see. Among other actions, entirely turning off ads personalization and blocking certain advertisers are also made possible. These can also be reversed at any point of time.

Besides aiding users in finding their desired ad searches, the company even caters to various businesses over marketing. Over and above, the ads on Google search results and Gmail offer viewers options that are relevant to their choice. As suggested, these changes are scheduled to unfurl over the upcoming weeks.