New mobile site is optimized for speed

O Facebook

Facebook Mobile seems to have made quite an impression on Facebook users since it was first introduced. The developers have created a new mobile site dubbed that is optimized for speed, as stated by the official Facebook blog. It is available through over 50 mobile operators in 45 nations and territories for now.

With mobile internet and social networks gaining increasing popularity, Facebook seems to have delved into a winning combination with this new release. The mobile site is available with zero data charges and retains the key features of Members can update their status, ‘like’ or comment on posts, send or reply to messages, write on a friend’s wall and view News Feeds via

Rather than being directly viewable on the site, they’re kept a click away from it in order to quicken the Facebook experience. Users will be charged to view photos or navigate away from the to other mobile sites. Vodafone provides this service in Greece, Romania and Turkey. T-Mobile delivers this service in Hungary, 3 offers this service in Hong Kong and Indonesia, while Orange extends this service in Madagascar and Tunisia. is also slated to be made available through Telstra in Australia, Vodafone in Qatar and 3 in the U.K. among other nations.