Google Buzz upgraded with new firehose feature

Google Buzz Logo Google had launched the Buzz API in May this year. Embedded into user’s Gmail account, Buzz allows users to update their status and share photos, links, videos and conversation with their friends. The Google Code blog has now announced that the application programming interface will be integrated with new features.

According to the blog, a new feature called the Google Buzz firehose has been upgraded into the online tool. Owing to syndication via PubSubHubbub, the integration will publish all available public activities with a single subscription.

The blog says, “We’ve had some fun coming up with cool things to do with the firehose. For example, Bob Aman coded up Buzz Mood, an App Engine app inspired by Twistori. By scanning for posts that contain certain keywords, Bob’s able to give us a sense for the mood across all of Google Buzz in real time. Definitely take a look at the the source to get ideas for your own apps!”

Users can now make the best of newly assimilated features such as comments and likes by the user and shared counts. The first feature will record all those activities which users comment on. Every time users like a particular activity, it will be documented in the ‘likes by the user’ feed. Finally, the last attribute will keep a track of the number of times a particular URL is shared across the Buzz.

The Google Buzz API documentation site accounts these features in greater detail. It has also been announced that the developer forum will allow users to discuss these new elements. The blog further states that it will continue to enhance user experience with more advanced upgrades.