Wikipedia now in diverse regional languages

Wikipedia Hindi

Wikipedia has become a familiar online library for millions of people across the globe. With a compilation of more than one million articles in English, German and French, it now plans to reach out to audiences speaking other languages as well. The official Google Translate blog has revealed that the website will translate more than 16 million words into Arabic, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Swahili, Tamil and Telugu.

Together with several volunteers, translators and Wikipedians, the online source of information has been construed for users located in different regions around the world. Hindi speaking audience in India has a special reason to rejoice as Wikipedia has disclosed that it is endeavoring to offer ample of content in the language.

From the year 2008, the website has been translating articles into Hindi. According to the blog, the Hindi version of the website had approximately 3.4 million words as compared to 1.3 billion English words during the same period. Plus, as opposed to 2.5 million English articles, the website had an assortment of only 21,000 Hindi articles.

The company is said to have formulated several measures to gauge the patterns and different types of articles read by internet surfers in India. Google Trends enabled the them to analyze certain steady patterns reflecting users’ reading and searching habits.

After outlining popular and consistent patterns, the website employed the Translator Toolkit to render the Hindi version of articles which were either placeholder articles or not available in the language. It also allowed them to create stubs in Hindi. A Stub is a condensed format of an encyclopedic article, providing only general information about the item which is being searched for.

Google has reported that with these efforts Wikipedia has succeeded in expanding the dictionary of Hindi words by almost 20 percent by translating around 600,000 words from more than 100 English articles, says the Wikimedia blog. Now, the website has a collection of more than 16 million Hindi words. However, the current data interpretations suggest that on a normalized chart where if one English article is referred by user, 2.8 German and 2.2 French articles are read. On the same scale, only 0.5 Hindi and 0.3 Arabic articles are accessed by internet surfers.

The team at Wikipedia encourages users to utilize the Translator Toolkit to augment its range of words in diverse languages. Till now, more than 100 million words have been translated by Internet freaks. Google made a detailed presentation of these figures at this year’s Wikimania held at Gdańsk, Poland to involve more Wikipedia users in the process.

As the team at Wikipedia together with translators and volunteers prepares to expand the array of words in several languages, we can hope to find gratifying and sundry content on the website in the near future. Native speakers and students of Hindi, Swahili, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Arabic will also look forward to accessing exceptional substance on the web world.