Yahoo! Mail lets users unsubscribe from mail listings without too much effort

Yahoo! Mail Unsubscribe

For those Yahoo! Mail users who are tired of having to picking out important mails from a pile of less relevant messages, the official Yahoo! Mail blog has announced a new development. Yahoo! Mail and the Yahoo! Mail Application developer, OtherInbox (OIB), have brewed out the OIB Automatic Organizer application for conveniently unsubscribing from unwanted mailings lists.

The new addition sits on the lower left-hand corner of the Yahoo! Mail page. Users can simply direct commercial e-mail and social networking messages that they want to labeled folders such as OIB shopping, finance, and news. Creating an OIB Unsubscribe folder and dragging unwelcome e-mails to the said folder gets users unsubscribed from the listing automatically.

It may sound as simple as making that little coin do a disappearing act, but OIB’s still got to complete the task of unsubscribing from mail listings on behalf of the user behind the scenes. It does so with the help of a global e-mail compliance company called Lashback. Meanwhile, unwanted messages will continue wending their way to the OIB Unsubscribe folder until users have been unsubscribed from the mail listing.