Twitter homepage gets a face lift

Twitter Homepage

A lot of Twitter users may already be aware of this news. For those who haven’t got around to noticing it, the Twitter homepage has been redesigned. This new design ensures that more of the information circulating on Twitter surfaces on the homepage with search and trending topics easily accessible to members.

The homepage will display more dynamic content with a set of algorithmically-selected top tweets that automatically emerge every few seconds. It highlights a random sampling of suggested sources and users can hover over them to view a profile summary and their latest tweet, according to the official Twitter blogspot.

Hovering over some of the trending topics that now scroll across the page will offer a description explaining why the keyword is or was popular. allows non-members to discover the value of this micro-blogging service with signing up for an account.

The developers at Twitter state that they are continuously working towards helping members personalize and filter the stream of rapidly flowing information through the site to enhance the Twitter experience.