Jungle portable system from Panasonic designed for online gaming

Jungle gaming system

Online gaming and MMORPGs have certainly captured the fancy of many fans in the gaming terrain. These titles however can mostly be enjoyed via large devices like a laptop or PC. To counter this aspect, Panasonic has now fashioned a portable system dubbed the Jungle to meet the convenient gaming needs of online players.

According to Gizmodo, the Jungle appears to lean more towards a PC complete with full QWERTY keyboard as well as a touchpad with d-pad and shoulder buttons similar to those found on a gaming console. Sporting a clamshell appearance, this rugged device features a high definition screen and is believed to house a HDMI port, Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities. Furthermore, rumor has it that the Jungle works on a Linux OS which could pose to be a bit of a problem while playing games such as World of Warcraft as it does not run on Linux.

The product in question has also got its own official Jungle website where the company divulges a few more specs and a video of the gaming gadget. Keeping in mind the processor and screen, the device could hit the market tagged at around $400 but that again depends on the other unforeseen attributes it boasts about.