New Raven Controller for PS3 from Nyko flies into retail stores

Nyk Raven Controller

PS3 owners have been treated to a variety of exclusive gaming titles as well as the newly introduced PlayStation Move. To further augment their gaming experience, Nyko Technologies brings to the forefront its latest accessory for the Sony console. The company aptly appeals to PS3 owners by unveiling the Raven controller.

Players can expect an enhanced grip as the latest offering comprises of a Soft Feel Surface. It comes along with an integrated rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that has the ability to provide gamers with optimum usage up to 25 hours. They can further indulge into exciting titles as the controller includes full vibration support.

“We wanted the Raven to be the most comfortable controller possible, so we turned directly to PlayStation owners for their feedback,” explain Nyko’s director of marketing, Chris Arbogast. “The innovations present in the Raven’s design are the result of combining their feedback with our 11 years of experience building quality peripherals for gamers worldwide.”

Two configurations are offered with the Raven namely Standard and Alternate. The former is endowed with a symmetrical analog stick placement that bears similarities to the DualShock 3. The latter allows users to toggle between the locations of the directional pad and left analog stick. This alignment delivers an alternative option to Sony’s offering and also provides players with a more comfortable session.

Gamers can exchange assignments of the bumper (L1/R1) and trigger (L2/R2) buttons. This innovative inclusion which is featured in both the controllers allows them to improve gameplay with the enhanced ergonomic triggers.

Nyko’s new Raven controller for PS3 can be picked up at retail outlets and is priced at $34.99.