Netflix announces integration with Facebook Connect

Facebook Netflix

The latest move by Netflix to broaden its accessibility is its integration with Facebook Connect. Yes, Netflix has now gone social as it enables members to share online movie content with friends on Facebook.

The integration of the online movie rental service with Faceboook Connect will now enable Netflix members to seamlessly link their Netflix account with their Facebook account. Thanks to the incorporation of Facebook Connect, members from the Netflix community can now extend movie ratings to Facebook.

The novel merger allows Netflix members to effortlessly share their movie ratings. The service works by automatically posting a Netflix member’s 1 to 5 star movie rating right onto the member’s Facebook profile. On simply enabling Facebook Connect, the ratings can thus be shared with the member’s friends

“Movies make for great conversations,” commented Gibson Biddle, vice president of product management for Netflix. “By integrating with Facebook Connect, Netflix members can now share their movie-watching experiences even more easily than before, allowing for greater exchange of movie recommendations with their friends.”

According to Ethan Beard, director of platform marketing, Facebook, “Netflix is a clear leader in bringing innovation to renting, viewing and engaging around movies. We think the social features in Facebook Connect provide a tremendous opportunity for Netflix subscribers to share their thoughts and feelings on movies with their friends in the Netflix community and with Facebook’s more than 175 million active users.”

Aiming to enhance a member’s movie-watching experience by allowing friends to make comments as a response to the ratings, the feature will encourage interaction among friends. In addition to this, users will also be able to learn more about a particular movie as the movie ratings posts on Facebook are linked back to the correlated movie page on Netflix. This allows Netflix members to add the movie to their own Queues.

Netflix also looks forward to pack in many more features through Facebook Connect. The online movie rental service encourages user feedback through Twitter and Facebook. Netflix members need to use the ‘Connect’ button on the Netflix member site to link their Netflix and Facebook accounts.

Each member will have the option of pushing all future movie ratings to his or her Facebook profile upon first connecting. Members also have a choice of publishing ratings to Facebook on a case-by-case basis.