Orkut brings face-to-face video chat

Orkut Screenshot

Orkut is a great way for friends to keep in touch by exchanging scraps, pictures, etc. Some time back this social networking site also made it possible for users to chat with their dear ones, the Orkut team now brings face-to-face video chat, reveals the Official Orkut Blog.

Through this feature, users can opt to keep in touch face-to-face directly from their Orkut account. Though the prerequisite here is a webcam, if users have a webcam all they have to do is download a small plug-in and install it.

Users can easily view which of their friends are ready to video chat by spotting a small green camera icon besides their name in the chat list. Operating this feature is simple as users have to, open the chat window and click on the ‘Start video chat’ link which will be found in the ‘Actions’ menu.

This app will permit users to keep in touch with friends signed in via Gmail or iGoogle and they do not have to necessarily be Orkut users. With the launch of this feature, the Orkut team hopes that their social networking site becomes a more fun place to hang out.