Google Wave sends out additional invitations to users

Google Wave

Here’s good news for those who requested Google Wave invitations through the company’s online form. According to the official Google Wave blogspot, each and every person who asked for additional invites to the company’s online communications platform have now been dispatched more invitations.

Google Wave has been described as a personal communication and collaboration tool which fuses IM, e-mail, social networking and more on one platform. Now those who have requested for additional invites for their friends or family members or acquaintances via Google’s online form have been granted their wish.

Moreover, current Wave users have also been sent more invitations that will enable them to share the service with others of their acquaintance. Since the launch of this service which is still in the preview stage, the need for more invitations has received the largest number requests from users.

The developers at Google Wave have cautioned people about sharing personal information with websites that swap invites to the service for e-mail addresses or promotions. The official Google Wave website offers people invitations to the communications platform or free.