iLike Introduces Full Song Playback and New Advertisment Program

iLike Logo To celebrate the membership of more than 30 million users, Seattle-based iLike announced to introduce some new features on its social music service site. iLike now provides full-song playback feature to its users via a partnership with music subscription service Rhapsody.

Apart from playback of the whole track, iLike has also introduced an ad platform, which is especially aimed at bands and concert promoters. The ads are developed to attract music fans based on their taste and location.

The new advertising program looks similar to Google’s AdWords, the program allows music concert promoters to display their ads and attract visitors according to their location and music taste rather than keywords. In addition, advertiser will be able to analyze the data through information such as views, clicks and interactions for ticket purchase.

iLike also plans to offer music syndication through third-party developers.