Sony Ericsson EC400, EC400g ExpressCards for High-speed Data Access unveiled

Sony Ericsson EC400 and EC400g Expresscards

Sony Ericsson has introduced its first HSPA 7.2/2.0 devices with the ExpressCard/34 form factor. Known as the EC400 and EC400g, these mobile broadband ExpressCards enable users to get instant Internet access on their laptops, regardless of where they are.

These mobile broadband can slide easily in to laptops ExpressCard slot offering 7.2 Mb/s in download and 2.0 Mb/s in upload speeds.

The EC400g comes with an in-built GPS receiver, which automatically shows the user’s current location on GoogleMaps or a similar service or can feed into any other location-based service.

The EC400 and EC400g are compact, sleek and durable. They can be plugged in to the laptop’s ExpressCard slots offering Web access with just a click.

They also come with an integrated antenna and EC400 and EC400g sport a second antenna which can be used to increase the radio signal reception to improve the performance.

Features at a glance of EC400/ EC400g include:

  • High-speed data upload and download – speeds equivalent to that in the office
  • Auto-install and auto-configuration – get connected quickly and easily
  • Built-in GPS receiver lets you orient yourself even in a new city (EC400g)
  • The EC400 and EC400g are fast enough to keep pace with the consumer needs. The HSPA technology allows the users to upload data at rates of up to 2.0Mb/s which can be downloaded from home or office.