Yahoo Go 3.0 Beta Version rolled out

Yahoo Go 3.0 Beta screenshot

On Monday, Yahoo! Inc. introduced the company’s chief all-in-one mobile offering at CES, called Yahoo! Go 3.0, which is currently in early beta stage. Yahoo! Go 3.0 claims to take mobile services to the next level, by including an upgraded and feature-rich user interface, a truly personalized start page and customizable access to consumers’ favorite Internet brands and services through user-friendly third-party widgets.

The new product has been made after acquiring feedbacks from Yahoo! Go 2.0 users.

Marco Boerries, executive vice president, Connected Life, Yahoo! said, “Today’s launch of Yahoo! Go 3.0 is a game-changing mobile development from Yahoo!. This new open environment provides consumers with a highly-compelling user experience and robust, personalized starting point to the mobile Internet. We are providing users with increased control over their experiences as well as increased choice in getting the content and services they want while on the go.” Boerries added, “With our innovative mobile services like Yahoo! Go 3.0 and deep partnerships across the industry, we are focused on making the promise of the mobile Internet a reality for consumers around the world.”

First let’s throw some light on Yahoo! Go 3.0’s upgraded design. Thanks to the intuitive and rich design, users can make proper use of the handset’s small screen. It further increases the pace at which users can surf for info on the mobile internet. Users get a choice of browsing either via the traditional carousel or the new icon layout.

The latest Home widget for Yahoo! Go 3.0 is a ground-breaking access way for users to reach the correct destination whilst on the mobile internet platform. An immediate update of what’s new from your last visit is offered, which includes things like the new e-mails in the inbox, upcoming calendar appointments, and new photos posted to Flickr by friends. In addition, the Home widget also bundles a collection of mobile snippets that can are personalized to your choice. These mobile snippets include things like previews of the user’s favorite internet content – news headlines, weather conditions and more – in order to keep users updated while on the move. Further on, it makes it possible for users to instantly reach the desired destination on the mobile Internet via Yahoo! oneSearch.

And the fun doesn’t end there! For the very first time, users can enjoy their favorite web content and services from leading mobile publishers within a single client on their phone. In fact by the end of this week, users will be able to access widgets from eBay, MySpace and MTV by selecting them from the Widget Gallery in Yahoo! Go 3.0, which will display Yahoo! Mobile Widgets along with the increasing choice of widgets from third-party developers.

Third-party mobile widgets will allow Yahoo! developers and publishers to bring their content and creativity to millions of mobile users with ease – thus improving the users’ choice and control over their mobile web experience.

The new Yahoo! Go 3.0 includes display advertising from Yahoo!’s leading advertisers worldwide. Users have a choice of either interacting with these ads through functionality such as clicking to call the advertiser directly or to learn more information about the advertiser’s offer.

U.S. users can download Yahoo! Go 3.0 ( on over 30 mobile devices from leading manufacturers across the globe and apply it on most wireless networks. Yahoo plans to make available its Yahoo! Go 3.0 on many more devices worldwide, accessible by hundreds of millions of users.