Download 15 full-length Hollywood Movies in just a Minute with a Newly Developed Device

Blazingly Faster Broadband Device Now you needn’t worry of literally graying simply waiting for a movie download, as things could possibly speed up a 100 times more (Yes, you read it right, a 100 times more indeed)!

A new device has been developed by a team of scientists at the Britain-based Bangor University, which apparently promises 100 times faster broadband speeds. And what’s even more exciting is that we may get the blazing speed at 75% cheaper costs.

The experts at the Bangor University, working on the EU-funded Alpha project, are currently in the works of developing a prototype. A £760,000 grant from the European Union’s (EU) Alpha project was received for this initiative.

The innovative machine employs UK’s existing telecommunications network, however it channels the information more efficiently.

The experts claim that the new device has the ability to download 15 full-length Hollywood movies in just a minute’s time, thereby making broadband drastically speedier and cheaper for customers.

Optimistic of the new research, Dr Jianming Tang, of Bangor University’s School of Electronic Engineering said, “The new larger and faster capacity networks would revolutionise home entertainment, delivering high speed HD films and television, high-power computer games and home video-conferencing facilities.”

According to Tang, this device would also offer increased convenience to the aged in their homes as it will make possible applications such as tele-medicine to thrive.

The prototype is complete, and in appearance will pretty much resemble a DVD player. It will be placed between the broadband outlet and computer.
No revelations on the cost of the prospective product have been made as of now.