Sezmi announces Next Generation Television Offering

Sezmi Logo Sezmi Corporation has launched a next generation television offering and is commencing trials in pilot markets in preparation for commercial launch with broadband service providers and US retailers later this year.

Sezmi’s next generation television delivers all television content, including broadcast and cable network programming, movies and Internet video, in one simple package, unlike Internet-driven offerings that do not include traditional television.

Also it boasts optimized for on-demand viewing. This allows users enjoy the flexibility to watch what they want and when they want. Sezmi’s primary user interface organizes content as program lists (e.g., My Top Picks, My Genres, My Channels) that simplify the browsing and discovery of television content.

Sezmi also removes the artificial barriers between content from different sources offering a single and consistent interface across live, stored, on-demand and Internet video.

“Sezmi focused on the television consumer and built an entirely new television offering from the ground up to meet the needs of viewers that want a premium experience at an affordable price,” said Buno Pati, Sezmi co-founder and chief executive officer. “We have rallied support across multiple industries and are excited to work with our partners to offer a new and differentiated TV choice to consumers.”

Other features of the Sezmi next generation television are:

  • Personalized and tailored to the individual viewer: The Sezmi remote control has unique buttons for individual members of the household. Each user is presented with a personalized homepage-like screen that organizes a line-up of content that is specifically matched to the user’s routines and preferences.
  • Extending the benefits of social networking to the TV: Sezmi subscribers can share playlists with friends and family, contribute to community ratings of shows and benefit from community recommendations.
  • Designed for self-installation: Sezmi is a simple, out-of-the-box wireless product that provides consumers a high quality television experience in minutes.