YouGov Poll lists ‘Most Annoying Words spawned by the Internet’; ‘Folksonomy’ tops the list

Man annoyed with Net Terms

According to the results of a new survey cum poll, the words “Blog”, “netiquette”, “cookie” and “wiki” have emerged by public vote as the most annoying words spawned by the Internet. The study was conducted by YouGov, a British market research agency.

Yes, these words supposedly irritate people to no end, but the word ‘folksonomy’ tops the list of words most likely to make Internet users want to bag their head on the keyboard. In case you are wondering, the word ‘folksonomy’ is a term for a Web classification system.

The second Internet-related word that makes people shudder is “Blogosphere”, the collective name for blogs and online journals. The word ‘Blog’ bagged the third position and ‘netiquette’ or Internet etiquette emerged in the fourth place. ‘Blook’, a book based on a blog came out in the fifth place.

‘Cookie’, which is a file sent to a user’s computer after they visit a Web site came in ninth, while the popular ‘wiki’, was placed in the tenth place.

For the poll, YouGov questioned 2091 adults in early June. This study was commissioned by the Lulu Blooker Prize, which is a literary award for books based on blogs.

Well, these words are certainly over-used in this age of the Internet. They sure do make things simple for those who know what they are all about. About these words being termed as annoying, we feel that people may be over-using them to a great extent.