HD Copy Protection Cracked By Hackers

HD-DVD and Blu-ray Cracked Just two months ago, we had reported about a creative code restructurer on Doom9 forum claiming to have developed an application called BackupHDDVD that striped encryption from HD DVD discs

Now once again DRM hacker arnezami a member of Doom9 forum has found a Processing Key that can be used to decrypt any current Blu-ray and HD-DVD movie when combined with a disc’s Volume ID.

Apparently Arnezami accomplished this task by checking at the data loaded into memory by discs and the player on his computer which made him realize that the Media key wasn’t stored in memory. Arnezami then made a software to memory dump a small area of memory when the Media Key was loaded.

As the Processing Key has now been found, it won’t take much time before tools taking advantage of this discovery are made available by hackers.