Xbox Lounge Experience initiated at The MobileStore at Mumbai, India

Mohit Anand and Rajiv Agarwal

Mobile phones and gaming are two of the most loved passions of the modern-day youth. And what fun when you get both under the same roof!

Perhaps that’s exactly what gave The MobileStore heads in Mumbai the inspiration to come up with a one stop shop having both these in one terrain. On Friday, an Xbox Entertainment Lounge was rolled out in The MobileStore premises at Walkeshwar – Mumbai, India.

The MobileStore, a chain of multi-brand and multi service telecom services having 350+ outlets across the country, tied up with Xbox 360 for this exciting venture. This sort of an interesting initiative is sure to see quite a pour in of visitors, especially the youth community.

The Xbox Lounge Experience at MobileStore

“It is our pleasure to announce the first Xbox Entertainment Lounge at The MobileStore. The complete entertainment provided by Xbox 360 will add to the experience of our valued customers and we are confident that this concept will be very well appreciated for its uniqueness and entertainment value,” said Rajiv Agarwal, CEO and Director, ‘The MobileStore Ltd’.

Also present at the event was Mohit Anand, Head honcho of Microsoft E&D India who maintained, “We are steadfast in popularizing the gaming genre in India and are leading from the front in the gaming space. We already have in place lots of special initiatives for gaming fans where they get the unique opportunity to preview the best titles available on the Xbox 360.

The Xbox Lounge concept is the next step to make gaming as an entertainment option accessible to a broader set of audiences. We have a strong portfolio of consoles and games that appeal to gamers across the nation. The various offers that are currently available with the Xbox 360 give the consumers the ultimate value for money option on the road to complete entertainment and we hope that our continuous effort to provide the best possible value will enable us to reach a larger base of audiences who can join us in the exciting world of gaming entertainment.”

While on the lower floor is the main MobileStore outlet where one can find a plethora of mobile handsets, along with accessories, mobile connections and recharges; Value Added Services, mobile repairs and music along with gaming devices; the mezzanine has the Xbox Entertainment Lounge. To enjoy your favorite Xbox 360 game titles you just need to step in there, play them all and step out mesmerized with the experience. got an exclusive opportunity to speak to The MobileStore’s head Rajiv Agarwal, who seemed as excited about the initiative as perhaps any other kid present at the store. We asked him if this entire experience was free or there was some entry fee to be paid for enjoying and playing games at the Xbox Lounge Experience. To which he replied that the entire experience is entirely free. Adding, that it was essentially introduced with the purpose of rendering an exciting experience of the feature-packed Xbox 360 to the young and old. Agarwal continued stating that this idea was the best way to connect to Microsoft and to the Xbox 360 next-gen console.

Currently there are 4 Xbox 360 kiosks in Walkeshwar’s MobileStore. And on the basis of the success of this store, Agarwal seemed bullish about introducing the Xbox Lounge Experience at various other spots across the country.

Even after over a year of being launched in the country, Microsoft has done some aggressive promotion for its Xbox 360 next-gen console. From launching some interesting titles such as Gears of Was and Halo 3 in the country to organizing exciting events such as Gamers’ Night which was essentially a place where gamers came in and chilled out at the venue, Microsoft has done it all! And what else can we say about the latest MobileStore initiative; well it’s just another cherry on the icing for gamers!