“Vampire Rain” and “Project Sylpheed” to hit the Xbox 360 this summer, confirms Microsoft

Vampire Rain and Project Sylpheed Game Xbox 360 titles confirmed

Microsoft is surely on a roll and has confirmed the release of two very different, yet captivating game titles for its Xbox 360 video game console. You can look forward to “Vampire Rain” and “Project Sylpheed”, two huge game titles for your Xbox 360 this summer.

Gamers will be able to pilot a space fighter and transport themselves into a distant era with the arcade-style space shooter, “Project Sylpheed”. The second game title, “Vampire Rain”, which is a stealth horror shooter, will require gamers to save humanity from the wrath of a new breed of vampires.

Project Sylpheed, a complete remake of the classic, mid-‘80s scrolling shooter franchise “Silpheed” has been developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 by Game Arts and Seta Corporation for Square Enix, which renowned developers of The Final Fantasy franchise.

Developed by Artoon, Vampire Rain takes players on a pulse-pounding mission, leading a highly trained black-ops unit on a secret mission to eliminate the deadliest supernatural enemies faced. This game combines stealth, survival, horror and shooter aspects of several classic games. What’s more, you could even play Vampire Rain with friends via Xbox Live.

Vampire Rain and Project Sylpheed are slated to release of the Xbox 360 sometime this summer. Both games are priced at $39.99 (approx. Rs.1800).