AOL Partners with major DSL suppliers and plans to Expand Broadband Network across the Globe

AOL is expanding its broadband network across the globe and has joined hands with a number of leading service providers including BellSouth, Time Warner Cable and Verizon, as well as other major DSL suppliers.

AOL Logo Consumers in these markets will be able to access the AOL service with a high-speed connection for as low as $25.90. In BellSouth’s territory, AOL High Speed will be offered at $29.90.

AOL also announced that it will market the new AOL High Speed offering with a lot of effort and initiative, which will let AOL members access the service’s security features and exclusive content on a high-speed DSL Internet or cable connection at a competitive price.

Starting from January 30th 2006, consumers would be able to click or call to sign-up for AOL High Speed and order a DSL or cable modem, making it easy and convenient to upgrade, the company announced

“With the new AOL broadband network, we’re leveraging the strength of our service and our customer relationships to make the most of the shifting broadband marketplace.” Miller added, “We are taking advantage of the improving economics of broadband access to create an offering that combines the AOL service with the speed of broadband at a competitive price. In so doing, we’re building a better experience for our members, bringing new subscribers to our network partners and enhancing the lifetime member value of our customer relationships,” said Jonathan F.Miller, CEO of the Dulles-based America Online Inc..

Glenn A. Britt, President and CEO of Time Warner Cable, said, “For AOL members who haven’t upgraded to broadband yet, now is the time. By getting your AOL with Time Warner Cable’s high-speed online service, you get a better, faster connection without giving up your AOL service.”

“We believe the strength of Verizon’s award-winning high-speed Internet service, along with AOL’s exclusive programming and services, bring a uniquely feature-rich broadband service to the market. Our ongoing relationship with AOL is another way we are bringing consumers more broadband choices,” said President of Verizon’s Retail Markets Group, Bob Ingalls.

David Scobey, President of BellSouth’s Retail Markets, said, “This new relationship will make it easier for loyal AOL consumers to get all the benefits of BellSouth DSL without losing their AOL service. We think this promotion offers a compelling reason for AOL members to move to broadband.”

AOL will initiate a nationwide advertising campaign to get AOL members and others to upgrade from dial-up to AOL High Speed to receive the benefits of a high-speed connection plus the AOL service.

President of AOL’s Access business, Joe Redding, “We’re starting to let AOL members know about this opportunity now to strongly encourage them to improve their online experience with a better, faster Internet connection.” He added, “AOL is committed to offering our members the best high-speed experience – not just faster dial-up but true broadband from a cable or DSL connection. We’ve seen in recent market tests that our members respond very strongly to the ability to more simply combine what they have from AOL with what they want from a broadband connection, and now we’re going to deliver it from coast to coast.”

To build and execute the campaign, AOL is working with BBDO New York for national television, radio and print advertising. The campaign, “AOL High Speed”, features regular people effortlessly keeping up with elite athletes who are competing in skiing, cycling, swimming and other sports. Developed to appeal to AOL members and those considering upgrading to a high-speed connection, the ads highlight the campaign’s premise that everyone wants to be fast and can be with AOL High Speed.

Key features of the service include:

Fast and Easy Setup: Makes getting up and running quick and easy.

Customer Service: Help that will be accessible 24/7, including help via phone, email or instant message.

Safety: A complete set of safety and security tools available to keep users safer against viruses, spyware, identify theft, and other online threats for no additional charge.

Content: AOL exclusive and original programming including commercial free radio, streaming video and more.

Storage: Additional benefits like unlimited email and picture storage to name a few.