Yahoo to discontinue its Yahoo Plus Service from April 23

Yahoo Plus logo With its keenness to now concentrate more on its businesses “core to its future growth,”, Yahoo informed all the users of the Yahoo Plus that it will be discontinuing the service from April 23. The Service provided account holders access to a rich collection of resources, including various communications tools, forums, shopping services, personalised content and branded programming through its network of properties for a $5.95 USD monthly fee or $47.40 USD yearly.

According to Yahoo, its Yahoo Plus service ceased to create much interest amongst its Yahoo users and felt that it was not very “essential,” therefore the internet giant was going ahead with this decision.

Yahoo said that it would issue a refund to yearly subscribers, but not to those on a monthly plan. Yahoo stopped billing those customers March 20. All features would revert back to those given to users of the free service. Customers who want to retain some of the benefits would have to subscribe to them on a per-service basis, Yahoo added.

Yahoo has set up a Yahoo Plus Help Page for all those who want to know more about the same.