Microsoft May launch Xbox 360 Gaming Console In India

Xbox 360 console Indian gamers have been anxiously waiting for the Xbox 360 console to be launched in India. Microsoft first new generation gaming console the Xbox did not make its way to India disappointing the entire gaming community. Gamers had to eventually resort to look at the grey market to buy the console.

But it seems Microsoft has finally realized India’s potential as a gaming market and has plans to launch the 360 in India.

“India is a key gaming market and there is no doubt about it. Yes, the product will come, its just a question of time,” Country Manager of Entertainment and Devices, Microsoft, Mohit Anand said in a interview to IBNLive.

Mohit Anand suggested that Microsoft is seriously considering a post-budget launch.

“We are now building that relationship – we are building channels through our pc games business. Also VAT needs to become pervasive. Duties on consoles are humongous and another key element is broadband,” Anand said

Anand said that it may take around 12 to 18 months for Xbox 360 to be launched in India but it could even be sooner than that.