BBC Content Now on P2P Network, Zudeo

BBC and Azureus logo BBC has announced that for the first time several episodes of its well-known programs will be made available on a file sharing network.

BBC stated that this is thanks a deal between its commercial division, BBC Worldwide, and the Java-based BitTorrent client technological firm, Azureus.

A few days back, Azureus had introduced a video sharing website called ‘Zudeo,’ which was pretty much on the lines of YouTube. Zudeo allows users to upload and view content. Azureus maintains that unlike most video sharing sites, ‘Zudeo’ offers high definition videos. In addition, users need to download a program to access and upload content.

Ironically until now, most BBC video titles found on peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing networks have been illegal copies. With the new deal, users of ‘Zudeo’ will be able to download BBC episodes legally, high-quality versions of popular BBC programs.

To prevent these programs from being traded illegally on the Internet, the BBC video titles will be protected by digital rights management (DRM) software.

Gilles BianRosa, CEO, Azureus said, “BBC Worldwide understands our commitment to providing consumers with a rich entertainment experience and our desire to offer quality content to our diverse global audience. We are thrilled to offer programming that encompasses such a robust fan base, as well as the opportunity to expose a new generation to cult favorites from BBC Worldwide catalog via our new entertainment platform.”

The move, according to BBC officials, is part of a company drive to reach the largest possible audience.

As per Azureus sources, the entire experience will be very different from that offered by traditional file-sharing networks.

In case of the latest, users will be able to link to programs from blogs, social networks, and fan sites.

However, pricing for the BBC video content on ‘Zudeo’ has not yet been revealed.