EarthLink Team Up with DirecTV and Dish, to Offer Bundled Services

EarthLink has teamed up with DirecTV and Dish Network in order to offer a package of satellite services with its own Internet product in select markets across the United States. The program would offer a discount if a customer also signs up for TV. The companies hope to eventually allow subscribers to pay for both services on a single bill, although such an option would not be available initially.

EarthLink logo The Atlanta-based Internet service provider said the offers will begin by the end of the first quarter. Neither did it reveal the details as to in which markets the options will be available nor did it disclose any pricing details.

DirecTV already offers Internet access through satellite, however its pricey initial install and monthly rate has slowed adoption. EarthLink consumer products vice president Gary Sonnier said, “By partnering with DirecTV…EarthLink is taking another step in becoming a total communications provider by delivering an integrated package of data, voice, and now video services.”

There is intense competition to provide such bundled services among traditional telephone companies, Internet providers and cable companies.

News Corp. has a 34 percent stake in El Segundo, Calif.-based DirecTV, which has about 15 million customers. Rival EchoStar Communications Corp., based in Englewood, Colo., has about 12 million.