Microsoft, Websense, Network Engines come together for NS Series Security Solutions

Security Websense Inc. and Network Engines Inc. have made known their plans of working together with Microsoft Corp. to provide customers with a worldwide program planned to offer demand generation, upgrade programs and channel enablement for Websense Web Security Suite and Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration (ISA) Server software incorporated with the Network Engines NS Series Security Appliances.

The NS Series (NS6400 and NS8400) offers a number of multi-functional security appliances which have been created to help customers meet severe security requirements and regulatory compliance mandates.

The program focuses on several components for distribution and sales of the security solutions, including:

Demand Generation: Marketing activities focused on new customer acquisition through educational promotions increasing the awareness of securing enterprises from Web-based threats.

Upgrade Programs: Promotional programs identifying proxy replacement opportunities and upgrading legacy platforms within enterprises.

Channel Enablement: Recruiting, training and developing new channel partners and resellers with regard to the technology and value of the joint solution.

Microsoft and Network Engines are founding members of the Websense Web Security Ecosystem, an ecosystem of security and networking technology providers to allow easy operation and integration of Websense solutions in enterprise environments. The Websense Web Security Ecosystem incorporates vendors from leading security and networking markets, including network access control, Internet gateways, certified appliance platforms, security event management and identity management. The Websense Web Security Ecosystem provides interoperability of joint solutions to guarantee seamless integration in enterprise environments.

Senior product manager of the Security, Access and Solutions Division at Microsoft Corp, David Feldman said, “Customers have asked us to provide a comprehensive solution to their growing Web security needs.” He added, “We’ve come together to offer an innovative solution that builds on the combination of strengths from ISA Server and the NS Series appliance integrated with Websense Web Security Suite, which gives customers ease of use and the necessary components to better secure their organization’s infrastructure.”

“It is important that our customers understand the powerful Web security features that are offered when combining the NS Series Appliances, Microsoft ISA Server and Websense,” said Steve Kelley, director of strategic alliances for Websense Inc. “Websense continues to expand the Websense Web Security Suite to protect our customers from a wide spectrum of Internet threats and malicious code. Our work with Microsoft and Network Engines to bring an innovative solution to market illustrates our cooperation and desire to educate and provide our customers with the industry’s most comprehensive Web security technology.”