CA Launches CA Integrated Threat Management r8 for Maximum Security

CA Integrated Threat Management r8 CA released the CA Integrated Threat Management r8, an integrated solution that provides security against malware, spyware, rootkits, blended threats and other forms of malicious code across the enterprise, letting customers to effectively curtail risk and downtime, while reducing security workloads.

Solution to Protect your PC CA Integrated Threat Management r8 combines new versions of CA PestPatrol Anti-Spyware Corporate Edition and CA Antivirus through a centralised Web-based console that allows administrators to find and resolve threats from anywhere on the network.

The solution automatically alerts security technicians as soon as any new threat is detected in their environment. Seventy-five detailed, graphical reports, including a “Top 10” virus and spyware list, enable security teams to quickly segregate problems and respond to emerging changes in threat activity.

CA Integrated Threat Management r8 enables administrators to easily and automatically update protection on systems with any necessary version updates, patches, virus signatures and files across the enterprise, prioritizing updates according to business needs.

Additional capabilities of the CA Integrated Threat Management r8 include:
– Improved agent communications that provide real-time visibility into enterprise computing assets and expanded spyware detection and removal.
– Automated, bandwidth-saving signature updates that provide fast protection from the latest threats to every desktop.
– A new “phone home” feature that helps ensure all desktops are updated by enabling PCs to broadcast their status to a central management console.

CA Integrated Threat Management r8 supports Network Admission Control (NAC), the Cisco-sponsored industry project that uses network infrastructure to implement security policy compliance on all networked resources. Administrators can deploy CA Integrated Threat Management r8 via Unicenter Software Delivery, Microsoft SMS and other third-party solutions.

CA Integrated Threat Management r8 is supported by the CA Security Advisor Team, which operates a worldwide network of rapid response centers that are staffed round the clock by expert security researchers and certified support professionals who identify and automatically isolate the latest viruses, malware, spyware and vulnerabilities.

Vice president of threat management at CA Sam Curry said, “With new virus and spyware strains emerging every day and spreading with increased rapidity, the vigilant defense of desktops with immediate distribution of up-to-date signatures is essential to the security of the enterprise.” He added, “By unifying malware and spyware protection, CA Integrated Threat Management r8, in conjunction with the global CA Security Advisor Team, enables customers to maintain this defense without putting undue strain on their overburdened security and desktop management staffs.”

CA Integrated Threat Management r8 is available through authorised partners and through CA in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese, from a starting price of $60.