Internet Services in India, Mideast Disturbed due to Mediterranean Cable Cut

Internet Services in India, Mideast Disturbed The internet has been aptly termed as the lifeline of the modern world. As one cannot imagine life without heartbeats, one cannot even picture how things would be if this very internet comes to a standstill. No surfing, no chatting, no researching…nothing at all!

On Wednesday, internet services across some parts of India came to a stand still after sea cables snapped in the Mediterranean Sea, reported NDTV. Perhaps the only solace would be that work to restore things is currently on.

The problem has reached far and wide and is also adversely affecting the communications in Egypt and the US. The Mideast and Gulf haven’t been spared either.

It is believed that this entire disruption may have been caused due to the snapping of cables by the anchor of a ship that had been diverted from the port of Alexandria in Egypt due to bad weather.

Needless to say things across the affected areas came to a standstill in more ways than one. From businesses to personal use of the internet, it was all hampered due to the damage of the undersea cable in the Mediterranean.

Apart from working on the problem, alternate routes are also being devised right now.

While in Dubai the internet service was restored by DU by afternoon time, the browsing was extremely slow paced. In addition, the other carrier Etisalat (Emirates Telecommunications Corporation) and DU noted that the cable break has also affected international telephone service.

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