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Interactive watch faces meet Android Wear through latest update

There’s a new update out for Android Wear devices that should be rolling out to your timepieces in the coming weeks. This upgraded software brings with it the ability for developers to create interactive watch faces, while another big highlight of the download is the fact that it offers built-in voice-based Google Translate functionality.

Let us first take a look at the interactive watch faces that have been added to the software. These are actually shortcuts for various Android Wear functions, which can be accessed right through the watch face, rather than entering the app manually.

These shortcuts will be placed on the screen, and tapping on them will expand the information that they are able to show. Google has showcased three such watch faces that you can download right now. One of them is named Bits which places a clock at the center and surrounds it with other small circles showing details like unread emails, upcoming meetings and the weather.

Android Wear Together Watch Face

Then there’s the Under Armour face which shows fitness statistics like steps taken, calories burnt and more without disturbing its digital clock. The third such face is called Together which lets you pair your Android Wear device with someone else’s to share stuff like photos and emoji with them throughout the day.

Android Wear Google Translate

The addition of Google Translate brings a lot of versatility to this OS. It’s not an app you need to download, as it has been built into the software. It allows you to speak into your smartwatch to have the text instantly translated into one of 44 supported languages. You can just flip your wrist to send it to your friend, and have the text that they send translated again with a flip of your wrist.

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Like we said, the new Android Wear software update will begin its journey onto compatible devices in the coming weeks.