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Intel’s Next-Gen Chips To Feature Windows 12 Support: Leak

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Intel’s next-generation CPUs code-named Meteor Lake will reportedly support Windows 12. Microsoft hasn’t announced its next version of Windows yet, but it’s obviously in the making.

The leak comes courtesy of a now-deleted tweet by @leaf_hobby. It was actually about the successor to 13th Gen Raptor Lake chips that Intel is currently supposed to be building. It contained internal references to Windows 12.

Hardware leaker @leaf_hobby, is known for disclosing the complete specifications of Intel’s Xeon CPUs before their launch. So it’s possible that this newest rumor is worth examining, not that there’s very much to talk about. It basically revealed that Meteor Lake would support Windows 12.

Meteor Lake is expected to include 20 PCIe Gen5 lanes and support for Windows 12, according to another source, VideoCardz. Intel and Microsoft have so far declined from commenting on this story, reports The Verge.

We don’t have too many official details about Windows 12. But given that the Windows 11 update which started rolling out in late February put the ChatGPT-based Bing AI search on the taskbar, AI might play a bigger role in the next version of the OS.

Microsoft is betting big on AI, as is apparent by the comments from its heavy hitters that have been made to the media over the past year or so. Hardware partners like Intel and AMD would naturally need to work closely with Microsoft to design processors capable of handling advanced workloads.

Intel already confirmed at its Q4 2022 earnings call that Meteor Lake would be released in the second half of 2023. It doesn’t mean that Windows 12 will also be arriving this year. Windows 10 came out in 2015 and Windows 11 made its debut in 2021.

Windows 12 is anticipated for launch in 2024 since Microsoft is supposed to be shifting back towards a 3-year release cycle for its OS. So we will find out more about the software closer to its unveiling.