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IntelligentFirstAid Kit – The intelligent guide to manage injuries

Talking IntelligentFirstAid Kit It is raining smart gadgets and devices. If you are a tech savvy person you ought to have this in your kitty. The thing we are talking about is not exactly a device or a gadget but an intelligent life-saver in emergencies. Really! It is the ‘talking’ first aid kit.

The IntelligentFirstAid Kit developed by DLH, Inc., based in Red Bank, New Jersey is an audio based kit featuring flash cards with built-in voice instructions, saving the trouble of going through a booklet and wasting time while in emergency.

Since the IntelligentFirstAid is designed by medical and educational experts, one can be assured that they taking the right steps to manage injuries that can happen normally at home, work or play, smoothly with the help of the expert kit.

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The kit combines visual instruction cards and audio module for guidance and has all the supplies provided in individually labeled and color-coded injury packs (as seen in the picture) with injury specific audio module in each injury card to help the user easily take care of the situation faster and better.

The audio module instruction start with a press of a button and there they are the step-by-step instructions to administer an injury. The module is completely user-friendly as it narrates by “pausing and repeating when necessary for accurate response”.

The essential supplies and audio technology makes the kit the most helpful and reliable first aid kit ever.

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The complete IntelligentFirstAid kit comes with a case that also provides:

  • Guidebook, with first aid instructions for additional medical emergencies, such as choking, frost bite, heatstroke, asthma
  • Product manual with audio instructions
  • Book light/flashlight
  • A shoulder strap.
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