Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 Processor Shipment Delayed

Intel Logo Intel has apparently delayed the shipment of their upcoming Core 2 Extreme QX9770 processors, according to a report on Digitimes.

Expected to begin shipping in January 2008, Intel’s upcoming quad-core processors are now slated to begin shipping between February and March 2008.

The 3.2GHz quad-core Extreme QX9770 is expected to be available in thousand-unit quantities. It is meant to replace the Core 2 Extreme QX9650 processor launched in November 2007.

However, Intel is yet to phase out the 3.0GHz QX9650. Sources have also said that the two quad-core CPUs will be available at the same time, although the 1k-unit price for the QX9770 will be $400 higher than that of the QX9650.

The quad-core 3.2GHz QX9770 will be available for a price of $1,399 in the US.