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Intel Classmate to be Available in US and Europe

Intel Classmate PC Intel has announced its Classmate PC in the US and European markets. Classmate is a low-cost PC targeted at school children, which was launched in India last year.

The Classmate PC is powered by Celeron M processor, and features a 7-inch screen, 512 MB RAM with 1GB and 2GB flash memory.

Intel’s Classmate PC is considered to be OLPC’s rival and was launched to help the poor school children in developing countries to help them in pursuing their education. As part of this project the Classmate PC was launched in countries like India, Mexico and Indonesia.

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However, the device has now gone beyond its “noble” cause and will be available for commercial purposes too. Intel will now sell the tiny computer for estimated cost of $250 to $350.

Before making this announcement, Intel had carried a pilot project at some schools in the United States and Australia. The low cost PC from Intel is expected to hit the market by the end of 2008.

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