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Intel Atom N280 processor now ships to PC manufacturers

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A confirmation from Intel last week revealed that the company has begun shipping an enhanced version of its Atom N280 processor. The ultra compact processor will be accompanied by Intel’s GN40 chipset. The duo should allow users to enjoy rich multimedia content and high-performance functions on their netbooks and other portable devices.

The highlight of the Intel Atom N280 processor is its pairing with the GN40 chipset. The combination will allow manufacturers to offer systems that are much faster and efficient than standard netbooks. On using the N280 processor along with the GN40 chipset in netbooks, users will be offered notebooks that allow them to enjoy high definition media content.

The N280 processor is a single core Atom processor that runs at a speed of 1.66GHz. The processor also boasts of a distinct front-side bus that delivers a working speed of 667MHz. Consuming about 2.5 watts of power, the bus on the processor will allow the device to effortlessly connect the CPU to other system components.

As for the GN40 chipset, it has a notebook-level GMA4000 graphics. The chipset is bundled with a hardware-based high definition video decoder. This decoder allows the chipset to efficiently handle 720p HD video content.

The processor is expected to run the upcoming Asus Eee PC 1000HE netbook. There are no details on the availability date of the netbook, though it is expected to be ship for an approximate price of $399.

Intel has also not revealed any individual pricing details of the N280 processor.