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Intel and Yahoo team up to bring Web on the HDTV platform

Intel and Yahoo! have joined hands to bring the Web into the TV. This has been made possible by Yahoo’s Widget based platform that allows viewing of contents like news, videos on the Internet, even access social networking sites and much more.

Yahoo Widget Channel on TV

Yes, yes, this is definitely going to happen right on your digital TV in the living room. So yes, obviously, you will also be seeing the TV supporting frameworks like AJAX, HTML, Flash, and Javascript.

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Powering up this Widget platform is Intel’s Media Processor CE3100 which was earlier dubbed as the “Canmore”. So this partnership can really do more for your HDTV.

The partnership was announced by both the companies in Intel Developer Forum where also the chip was launched.

Eric Kim, Intel senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Digital Home Group. said, “We’re at the dawn of a new era, delivering rich Internet applications with the power of Web 2.0.”

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“We realize that there have been many attempts to bring Internet to the TV with limited success – remember Web TV? – but what the difference is now is bringing the full richness of the Internet to televisions,” Kim added.

So while the Internet is finally creeping into the digital TV, it is also making way for contents other than news, videos, movies, sports and entertainment, picture galleries, etc. What we are talking about is advertisements. That is right. Apparently, the team is also looking at the opportunities of prospering with the help of the advertisements, as this is also how they earn on internet as well.

The production of the Pentium based CE 3100 chips will be starting from next week at Intel will be shipping these in September.

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