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Intel 11th Gen Core S-Series Desktop Gaming-Focused Chip Unveiled

Intel 11th Gen Core S-series Rocket Lake Processor
Image: Intel

Debuting a new desktop core architecture for the first time in over half a decade, chip-maker Intel has unveiled 11th Gen Core S-series desktop processors codenamed Rocket Lake-S, that will delivers more performance to gamers and PC enthusiasts.

At the top of the stack is new flagship chip, the Core i9-11900K with eight cores and 16 threads that can reach speed up to 5.3GHz and supports DDR4 RAM at 3,200MHz.

The unlocked 11th Gen Intel Core desktop processor supports fast memory speeds with DDR4-3200 to help enable smooth gameplay and seamless multitasking on this platform, Intel said in a statement late on Tuesday.

11th Gen Intel Core S-series desktop processors are designed to transform hardware and software efficiency and increase raw gaming performance?.

“With its new 11th Gen desktop processors, Intel continues to push desktop gaming performance to the limits and deliver the most amazing immersive experiences for players everywhere,” the company added.

Improvements in the new chips include up to 19 per cent gen-over-gen IPC performance improvement and up to 50 per cent better integrated graphics performance with Intel UHD graphics featuring Intel Xe graphics architecture.

“Through close collaboration with more than 200 of the top game developers, Intel brings a host of game, engine, middleware and rendering optimizations to applications so they can take advantage of 11th Gen Intel Core S-series processors to deliver exciting gaming experiences,” the company noted.