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Instax mini 90 flashes gorgeous retro body, unlike Fujifilm’s usual instacams

That horrendous line of plastic lunch-boxes Fujifilm calls instant cameras has welcomed the Instax mini 90, a brand new addition with a touch of retro glam. So if Polaroid’s hybrids have been your only choice if you were looking for instacams that aren’t eyesores, Fujifilm has finally upped its game in this field with the neo classic addition.

The design aesthetic of the company’s X series cameras has been captured in the mini 90, thankfully. Most of the body is finished in a sort of matte black texture and silver accents add their touch of style to the overall appearance. The power button is placed on the front, just below the flash and a rechargeable battery keeps the device juiced up.

Fujifilm Instax mini 90

The camera offers a few effects that you can play around with. There’s the option to set it in double exposure mode in order to capture two shots in one frame. For better pictures in low lighting conditions, there’s the bulb mode which lets users keep the shutter open for up to 10 seconds. Fujifilm has also managed to fit macro, normal and party mode among a couple of other fireworks.

The way this Fujifilm offering functions is very different from how alternatives (if you call them that) by Polaroid work. The latter’s products meld digital imaging and integrated printers to deliver that ‘instant photo’ gratification. Cult of Mac says that the Instax will hit Japan next month and then travel to the US by spring. There’s no word on the price of the camera yet.

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