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Instagram’s web version now gets a search bar

The desktop experience of Instagram may still not let you upload your favorite images with filters on them, but it indeed lets you search for stuff through a new search bar now. This move brings it closer to the kind of experience that’s on offer through its mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

If you have an Instagram account, you can make the most of the web version by searching for hashtags, profiles and locations. It really does take out some more of the rigidity that this desktop variant of the popular photo and video sharing app has been plagued with since its launch.

The developers over at the Facebook-owned service have revealed to Tech Crunch that they have equipped this new search bar with landing pages for both locations as well as hashtags. This makes the searching experience a richer affair than just having usual results.

Instagram Web

It can be known that Instagram’s web version still has no intensions of letting you upload photographs. That’s a feature which has strictly been designed for smartphones and tablets. About its purpose, a spokesperson has revealed that it has only been created as something ‘complementary to the mobile apps’ and that it’s important for the service to keep the global conversations going.

Back in June too Instagram for web was updated by its makers with redesigned profiles and feeds. This overhaul made the service cleaner and faster, and also made it much more intuitive than before.

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Even after all these years and so many distinct competitors, Instagram still occupies the top spot in the list of the most popular image-sharing apps. The fact that it is constantly being provided with newer features is definitely one of the reasons for its success.