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Instagram’s going to back to a more chronological feed

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Instagram caused an uproar back in 2016 when it announced that it was going to adopt a more Facebook-style approach to its feed. Instead of the chronological order it had been using till then, it would show people posts that they were more likely to care about and respond to.

2 years later, and Instagram is singing a slightly different tune. It’s now shaken up the feed to make it “more likely” for newer posts to appear at the top. The language of its announcement indicates that it hasn’t completely gone back to the old chronological order, but it won’t be as random as it has been so far.

Instagram says that it decided it implement the change after user feedback. Judging by the outcry which the change evoked in 2016, it’s taken a very long time to respond to complaints. Still, better late than never for the millions of people who can now see what’s happening in a more orderly fashion.

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There’s another change waiting for dedicated Instagrammers. The company’s heard some of them say that it feels unexpected when their feed refreshes and they automatically get bumped up to the top. Taking this into consideration, it’s going to test a “New Posts” button which will let them choose when they want to refresh.

Tapping the button will take individuals straight to the top, while ignoring it will allow them to stay where they are. This sounds like a good compromise and will hopefully spread beyond the testing phase to more users soon.