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Instagram web embedding feature goes live

Instagram Web Embedding Share Button

Now that the Instagram web embedding feature has been rolled out, subscribers of the service can easily share content from the application on the internet. A dedicated button for this function has already been added to its desktop version.

The company revealed details regarding this latest feature through its official blog and it works exactly like the embedding attribute of YouTube videos. So next time when users visit an Instagram page through a browser on their desktop systems, they will notice a share button located just beneath the comment icon. As soon as they hit the said button, a code for that particular picture or video will appear on the screen and all they have to do is copy the entire text and paste it on any blog or website to embed it to their posts.

Embed Code

Additionally, the application owned by Facebook eliminates the possibility of unauthorized circulation of a user’s content. When a picture or a clip is embedded on a certain website, it appears along with the Instagram username of the person it belongs to. When people hit the app logo, they are redirected to that person’s page.

Those who are not too keen on getting their data published on random websites on the web can change their privacy settings. It has been disclosed that an embed code will only appear for images or videos which are available publicly. So subscribers who wish to keep their data strictly to themselves and their approved followers shouldn’t make it public.

The Instagram web embedding feature has already gone live. Currently, it is only available for web browsers on desktop systems.