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Instagram Stories now making its way to the Explore tab

Instagram Stories Explore

Instagram Stories came to the limelight back in August this year as a direct challenge to rival app Snapchat. The company is now looking to aggressively expand the feature’s reach by adding it to Explore.

Instagram claims its Explore section gets about 100 million visitors every day. The area is a dedicated space for people to scroll through looking at photos and videos from people they don’t follow. The new suggested stories add-on within the window is meant to highlight the most interesting Stories sourced from the application’s global community.

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This might well lead to a mess of random Stories clogging up Explore. Instagram is looking to prevent such a scenario by asserting that they’ll be personalized to a user’s interests. Whether or not this will work out as smoothly as the brand hopes it will is up for debate.

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Instagram Stories allows members to post a series of videos and images which get deleted after 24 hours. The disappearing hook is central to Snapchat’s appeal. With the new update, the former may have a distinct advantage over the latter in terms of discovery.

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Discovery is basically a way to measure the degree to which people can find new accounts to follow. Snapchat suffers in this regard since people can only add other users via their phone number, QR code, or user name, making it difficult to seek out new accounts.

Instagram doesn’t face the same problem and the new section in Explore should make it easier for Stories to reach a wider audience than just an individual’s followers. You can download the updated app via the App Store and Play Store.

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