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Instagram Stories gets support for geotags, hands-free videos and more

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, Facebook’s best effort yet (there have been plenty) to create a Snapchat clone, has just received a few new additions that bring it even closer to the said app. Among the fresh features is support for adding usual stickers as well as location-based geotags.

But let’s start with a trait that isn’t even available on Snapchat yet – hands free video recording. Prior to this, recording a video in Instagram Stories required you to hold down the camera button, but that has changed now, as you can just tap it once in video mode and the clip will start recording.

Coming to stickers, few holiday-themed ones have been added for now, apart from the regular list of emoji. But one among the new stickers is called Location, and it allows you to tag the exact place you are at during a given moment.

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Unfortunately, you cannot change the looks of this sticker like in Snapchat. The new update also introduces temperature and time tags. Users of Instagram Stories can now also add unlimited text on an image. Moreover, the text section has been blessed with formatting options as well.

Lastly, Instagram Stories can be saved as they are from now on. Earlier, each entry to a story was needed to be saved individually, but the app will start allowing you to save entire stories in the form of a video at one go.

This Instagram update is currently being rolled out to both the Android and iOS versions of the app.