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Instagram on Android now supports multiple accounts

Since the beginning, Instagram users with multiple accounts have faced lots of difficulties while trying to juggle between them. That’s because the app did not allow them to switch accounts on the fly, requiring them to logout of one in order to log into another.

That is about to change, and has already changed for some. Some Instagram users with version 7.12.0 of the Android app are receiving support for multiple accounts. This will help especially those who have different accounts for personal and work use.

As explained by Android Police, the option to add a new profile can be found in the Settings menu by scrolling to the extreme bottom. If your Instagram app has the feature, you will be shown the Add Account tab below the Clear Search History tab.

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This is where you can enter the credentials of your other Instagram account. Once that’s done, you can enter your profile page and find a selector at the top which lets you switch between your accounts. The profile icon at the bottom will start showing your display picture rather than its stock icon to help you easily make out what account is active.

Apart from updating the features of its main app, Instagram is also currently focused on branching out with the help of newer services. Just recently, it introduced Boomerang which lets capture 1-second videos and loop them continuously for creative and humorous use. And then there are other apps like Layout and Hyperlapse as well.

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The multiple accounts feature on Instagram is available through version 7.12.0 of the app, but only for some users since it’s a cloud rollout. You can see if you can get the trait by downloading this version through APK Mirror.

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