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Instagram now lets you share 10 photos in one post

Instagram Multi-Photo Posts

Instagram’s multi-photo album feature has finally gotten pushed out to the public after knocking about in the beta version of the app. The carousel format actually made its debut back in March 2015 for advertisers to hawk their wares and has now trickled down to regular users.

As Instagram puts it, the tool means people no longer have to pick the one good image out of many when uploading stuff. They can now choose to combine up to 10 photos and videos in one mega post. Friends will be able to swipe through them all.

The add-on could prove very useful for people who want to collect together a collection of moments and share them in one go rather than putting up each separately. Potential uses could include things like a wedding album or step-by-step cooking recipe.

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To get started, Instagrammers will see a new icon which lets them select more than one picture or video. Once chosen, they can rearrange the order by tapping and holding each. Users may also choose between adding a filter to all members of the carousel at once or individually editing each.

Instagram warns that these multi-photo galleries are square-only and bear a single caption for now. The compilations will be easily distinguished from others in a person’s profile courtesy an icon in the top-right corner. The collections are set apart in feed via small blue dots at the bottom, a visual indicator to tell people they can swipe to see more.

You can download the latest version of Instagram via the App Store or Play Store.