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Instagram now lets you post 60-second videos

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Instagram has decided to allow users to upload 60-second videos instead of restricting them to just 15 seconds. The move comes a few months after it allowed advertisers to post minute-long ads to the app, something which members weren’t too happy about.

While Instagram initially started out primarily as a photo-sharing app, the company has been gradually developing its video platform as well. In a blog post, it claimed that video views have shot up by 40% over the past 6 months. The brand recently introduced public view counts for videos, letting users see how many people watched the video and who liked it.

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In welcome news for iOS consumers, Instagram is also bringing back the ability to string together multiple clips into one seamless video. Of course, there are a number of third-party apps which can do that, but it’s still useful to have the tool in-built. The firm also promises that the new features are the first step of many to come in 2016.

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Instagram put its patrons in a tizzy just a few weeks ago when it announced that it was planning to use a algorithm-based feed instead of the chronological one it’s been utilizing since it came into being. Parent company Facebook already has such a structure in place. Both assert that the method is for the benefit of consumers, but it can also be seen as a way to target ads.

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According to Instagram, members miss over 70% of their feed through the current system. To combat this, it plans to arrange photos and videos based on how much an individual cares about it by taking into account the user’s interest in a post, their connection to the poster, and when it was posted.

You can download the latest version of Instagram via the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

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