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Instagram now lets you disable and like comments

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Instagram’s rolling out a slew of new changes in the hopes of making the platform a more positive and user-friendly environment. The modifications also serve to make the app more in line with its parent company Facebook.

The biggest new addition arrives in the form of enhanced comment control options. Feedback isn’t always welcome and Instagram had previously introduced a filter system to weed out trollish statements in view of this. It’s now taking things a step further by allowing people to switch off commentary for a particular post.

To do so, Instagrammers will have to select the Advanced Settings option in their post’s details page. They can then activate the Turn Off Commenting option. They’ll also be able to reverse this decision at any time by tapping the ‘…’ menu.

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Instagram is also making comments more interactive by letting people like them via a heart icon. The company is also bringing about improvements to the way private accounts work. While the old system allowed members to approve followers, it didn’t let them take back their approval.

Users were thus forced to go through workarounds like blocking the follower in question. This has now been done away with. People can simply get rid of a follower by heading to their list and tapping the ‘…’ menu next to an individual’s name. The ex-follower won’t be notified about this happening.

Finally, people can now anonymously report friends who are in need of support because they may be thinking of injuring themselves. Instagram will then connect them to organizations which offer help and promises to have teams working round the clock to evaluate cases.

The fresh update will be rolled out over the course of the coming weeks You can download Instagram via the Play Store or App Store.