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Instagram now allows you to 3D Touch images on Android

Instagram was one of the first adopters of Apple’s 3D Touch technology, integrating the feature into its iOS app by letting members preview an image within the search results itself. It looks like the photo-sharing app has now decided to bring this function over to the Android platform.

3D Touch basically allows the iPhone 6S to understand when a user is applying different degrees of pressure. It enables the handset to get a task done with fewer clicks by offering quicker access to options. Instagram has taken this principle over to its Android app. So if a person long-presses on an image thumbnail, the application will automatically zoom in on it.

This view has buttons for sharing and liking as well, so people can just slide over to the icons without lifting their finger. Android Police says that hovering a finger over the symbols elicits a pleasant haptic feedback. Pulling away from the photo will result in the picture going back to its original thumbnail size.


It should be noted that the 3D Touch-like feature is not available through the Google Play Store yet. Interested users will have to download Instagram version 7.13.0 in an APK format to try out the new tool. Since there hasn’t been an official announcement from the company, it’s possible the updated app is a test variant which hasn’t ironed out all the kinks.

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Instagram recently brought support for members to have multiple accounts within version 7.12.0 of its Android app. The useful features should come as boon to many, who now won’t have to constantly log in and out to access different profiles. To begin using it, a user has to head over to the Settings menu, scroll to the bottom and select Add Account.

Instagram version 7.13.0 can be downloaded via APK Mirror.