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Is Instagram prepping up a Snapchat competitor of its own? Leak suggests so

Facebook owns Instagram and it only recently released Slingshot to compete with Snapchat and it now apparently wants Bolt to do the same. Phew! Coming back to the topic at hand, Instagram, the premier photo and video sharing app, has given away the existence of a mystery service which could be launched soon.

Yesterday, the Android version of Instagram started displaying a banner ad for an app named Bolt all of a sudden. Some users who saw it went on to post screenshots on Twitter. The one we’ve embedded in the space below comes from user @yo_areli who was as clueless as everyone regarding what Bolt is all about.

Instagram Screenshot

The banner ad in question had a Google Play store link to it which was reported dead. This could mean that the leak occurred during some kind of a test. What we’ve also come to know is that Bolt is supposed to be a ‘one tap photo messaging app’ which points several fingers towards it being a Snapchat competitor.

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Facebook is going on the aggressive in order to compete with the said utility it seems. First it released Slingshot last month, allowing you to send quick pictures to your friends which they can only open if they send an image themselves. Interestingly, this app too had leaked out some days prior to its official release.

Among all the other theories, TechCrunch has also cautioned that Bolt could just be something fictional used by Instagram to test ‘app install ads’ inside its interface. Sure enough, there are more possibilities than one, but we’ll try to find out more information on it to make things clearer for you.