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Instagram launches new Boomerang app for uploading 1-second videos

Instagram has shot out one more branch in the form of a separate Boomerang app which is built on quite a unique concept. This Android and iOS utility wants you to create extremely small videos that it will loop in order to make them look fun. It will of course ask you to share them with your friends once they’re made.

In case you’re not clear with the concept yet, Instagram intends you to use Boomerang in creative ways. The fact that the short videos loop so quickly adds the fun quotient here. So, if you capture the exact moment at which your friend blows out their birthday candles, you’ll be able to watch them light up again quickly.

The Boomerang app is pretty simple to use; point your phone’s camera towards the act you wish to capture and press the main button. It will then click a burst of photos and stitch them together to create an MP4 file (not a GIF) that will contain the same video looped three times.


You can capture your Boomerangs with the rear camera as well as the front camera, and share them on Instagram, Facebook or some other app of your choice. The videos get automatically saved in an album on your device; so the Gallery app is where you’ll find them.

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This isn’t the only separate app Instagram has outed in recent times. Its Layout utility allows you to create snappy collages of your photographs, whereas its iOS-only Hyperlapse app enables stabilized timelapse videos. This latter offering had indeed been revealed to be preparing for an Android release, but that was far too long ago.

Those interested in trying out the new Boomerang app from Instagram can download it now through the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.