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Instagram to be invaded by more ads, this time in Stories

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If you are still an Instagram user, you must already have made peace with the tons of ads that have littered your feed. Well it’s time to face more of them now, even as the Stories section is now gearing up to display full blown video ads.

This news comes along with the announcement that Instagram Stories has raked up over 150 million daily users worldwide. It has managed to achieve this milestone within just five months from its launch. The Facebook-owned company has observed that one-third of the most viewed Stories on the app are from businesses.

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It is perhaps this finding that has compelled them to push video ads into the section. Businesses will now be able to run full-screen video ads as Stories, while harnessing the advantages of targeting, reach and measurement capabilities, to have the ads reach the relevant audiences.

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These ads will first be tested by over thirty chosen clients, including the likes of Capital One, Airbnb, Buick, Nike and Netflix, before arriving at the disposal of all other businesses. In fact Airbnb has already started pushing its ads in Instagram Stories to let people know about its new Trips feature.

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In addition to all this, the social media platform has also announced new analytics tools for Stories. Every business profile will be able to see the reach, impressions, replies and exits of their Stories easily to help target their ads better.

Like we said, only select clients are testing these ads right now; so it may take a few more weeks before your Instagram Stories get invaded by them.

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